Exactly What Makes A Good Funeral Director?

Organizing a funeral can be a tough process. The emotional stress and sadness of losing your loved one might cloud your judgment. It is best to hire a funeral director to oversee the process on your behalf. Even so, it is worth noting that funeral directors in Sydney are not the same. Some are big and part of the big national firms, while some are small, independent names. Keep in mind that big does not necessarily mean better services.

It won’t cost you anything to do some research on the funeral directors you have in mind. This will help you to choose the best service provider and the one who matches your needs and preferences best. Here are a few pointers to help you decide on who is the best director for the funeral.

Local reputation

What do the locals say about the funeral director? What are the experiences of past clients? Your best bet shall be working with a funeral director who has a good name among the locals in Sydney. If past clients have been happy and satisfied, then you can be guaranteed of receiving excellent results too. A good funeral director will provide you with two or three references on request. When you call the references be sure to ask about the kind services provided by the director as well as their attributes. Are their services satisfactory? Are they personable?


Above all things you want a funeral director who’s qualified to conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner. Professional funeral directors in Sydney are members of The Australian Funeral Directors Association (AFDA). The AFDA has a strict code of ethics and practices which must be followed by all members. A member who’s registered under AFDA is required to meet both community expectations and needs in all aspects pertaining to service delivery. Therefore, a registered funeral director is a guarantee of professional services.


Your funeral director must provide the right facilities to cater for your needs. You might want to take a tour of their facility. First of all, ensure that funeral home is conveniently located for you. Have a look at the viewing area as well as the lounge and chapel. You might also want to check out the place where they preserve the bodies. If you’re not satisfied with what you see, it is best to move to the next option.

Service range

On top of facilities, your funeral director must be providing the type of services that you need. Funeral directors vary in the services they provide, but the one you choose must have a majority of the services you need on their list. For example, if you want a traditional burial, they must have the experience and expertise in doing it. If you have specific religious or cultural requirements, can they handle it?


Charges are different among funeral directors in Sydney. The best idea is to ask for quotations from several directors and comparing them. Make sure that all the components you need for the funeral are included in the quotation so as to make a fair comparison. Choose the quotation that matches your budget and offers value for your money.