How to Make the Most of Your Sydney Experience as an International Student

There are numerous reasons students worldwide choose to study in Sydney. Aside from excellent options for USYD student accommodation, the city is likewise home to first-rate universities and offers a simple ambience that students actually love.

Here are some activities that you ought to attempt while in here:

Explore the city with your friends

You can stay healthy even when you have no money to pay health club subscriptions. Just head over to various Sydney parks, forests and range of mountains. These areas are fantastic for strolling or trekking.

Schedule a weekend walk with friends at the Art Gallery of NSW or a tour of Dharawal National Park.  You can also spend the early morning walking among the city’s parks and you’ll undoubtedly break some sweat while taking pleasure in panoramas. If you want a more cost-effective solution, take a tour around your campus and marvel at the beautiful architecture dotting the landscape.

Spend a day at the beach

Australia has more than 300 days of pure sunlight each year. If you feel like getting a tan or merely desire to relax after a long examination week, head over to their Instagrammable Bondi Iceberg Pool. If you have the time and resources, this beach is worth visiting. You can use public transport from your USYD student accommodation or book a cab if you go in groups.

Sydney beaches are even ideal throughout the winter season because temperature levels remain at 20 degrees, that makes it best for brief journeys from your student accommodation in USYD.

During your free time, you can delight in an afternoon picnic while listening to free live local music at the Lansdowne Hotel. Whether you’re new to the city or not, you must not miss climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge. You can try the express climb which is a bit shorter. This takes you inside the arc and for a moment, you will feel as if you are enclosed in a metal skeleton.

If you are fond of paddleboarding, you can paddle under the Coathanger by a kayak. This gives you a wonderful opportunity to snap pictures and make your friends jealous.

This journey lets you see the city from the water and explore its inner residential areas without spending on transport. Even if it is a bit far from your USYD student accommodation, it is worth a try.

Experience first-rate art

Sydney is home to various galleries of modern art. You can visit the experimental theatre. contemporary art installations and cultural events. You will get to experience Sydney’s prominent drama, dance, and art companies.

You can also immerse yourself in the museum of contemporary art for cutting-edge local and international art exhibits.

Naturally, you can’t remain in Australia without seeing wild animals in their natural environment. Taronga Zoo is home to 4,000 animals ranging from koalas, elephants, giraffes, and echidnas among others. You can also witness endangered species and get the best harbour view of the city. How undoubtedly charming it is to live in a student accommodation USYD offers where sights like this are just your neighbours.

Studying in Sydney is absolutely more than just getting a degree. It likewise offers you the chance to experience the city’s distinct culture, history, lifestyle, and ambience that attract countless other students worldwide. If you want to find student accommodation USYD offers, visit for more options.